Babetski FamilyMy name is Josh Babetski.

You can also usually find me online using the handle/nickname/username of "quixado™," which is a shortening of QUIXotic BravADO™, the name of this site. You can find a list of the online communities I frequent most in the sidebar.

I'm the founder of Collective Detective™, where we develop social location gaming and entertainment concepts. Our previous projects include Collectivus™ and CollectiveDetective.org. Our current project is called Supporters Union

I live in Austin, Texas with my lovely wife Traci, our son, a dog,
and two very odd cats. In addition to tech, I follow soccer and the business of the sport.

Puzzy from Collective Detective


I get asked this a lot so: The avatar you'll find me using all over the Internet is of a blue jig-saw puzzle piece. His name is "Puzzy." I've used him for over a decade.


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Collective Detective

Collective Detective is a micro-business I founded in 2002 to create interesting social gaming and entertainment applications and concepts. We've participated, designed, and consulted on a few interactive experiences over the years.

Supporters Union

I'm currently working on Supporters Union, a new project related to recruiting and connecting supporters of soccer in Austin, Texas.

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From 2008 to 2013, I created and help develop Collectivus, a social location game available as a small prototype. We had a few hundred physical rubber ducks, and thousands of virtual objects located all over the world — we call them "Thingies." These Thingies traveled from place to place, each recording a narrative of the places they've been and people they've encountered.


In 2001, I created CollectiveDetective.org. It was the first and largest (for its time) community for those interested in the growig trend of scavenger hunts, online puzzles, immersive entertainment, and viral advertainment.

TaxiCafe™ Media

In 1998, I decided I wanted to learn how to make web applications and opened up shop as TaxiCafe Media.


Product Manager

I oversee product management for ContextHub, part of a startup project at ChaiOne. ContextHub is a platform for developing contextually-aware distributed applications.


Director of Product

In 2013, I helped Myxer develop their next-generation social radio and ringtone product.

Interactive One

Director of Social and Local Products

In 2011, I was recruited to develop new social, music, and email and event products for Interactive One.


Senior Product Manager and Evangelist / Marketing & Distribution; Senior Software Engineer

I spent 7 years at MapQuest, where I split my time in three major areas: Social/Community Engagement and Marketing, Product Development and Management, and working as part of the Business Development team on Distribution initiatives.

I joined MapQuest as a developer in 2004, where I worked on MapQuest.com and MapQuest APIs.


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