Babetski FamilyMy name is Josh Babetski.

You can also usually find me online using the handle/nickname/username of "quixado™," which is a shortening of QUIXotic BravADO™, the name of this site. You can find a list of the online communities I frequent most in the sidebar.

I'm the founder of Collective Detective™, where we develop social location gaming and entertainment concepts. Our previous projects include Collectivus™ and CollectiveDetective.org. Our current projects are soccer-related: Supporters Union™ & Amplifier Austin / MLS in Austin.

I live in Austin, Texas with my lovely wife, our son, a dog,
and two very odd cats. In addition to tech, I follow soccer and the business of the sport.

Puzzy from Collective Detective


I get asked this a lot so: The avatar you'll find me using all over the Internet is of a blue jig-saw puzzle piece. His name is "Puzzy." I've used him for over a decade.


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Collective Detective

Collective Detective is a micro-business I founded in 2002 to create interesting social gaming and entertainment applications and concepts. We've participated, designed, and consulted on a few interactive experiences over the years.


I'm currently working on multiple projects
around the beautiful game and the supporter community in Austin, Texas.

Supporters Union

Supporters Union is a collective of soccer supporter groups in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to recruit, connect, and collaborate to demonstrate the size of the soccer market here while we continue to grow it.

Amplifier Austin / MLS in Austin

Amplifier Austin / MLS in Austin is a community led effort to bring a Major League Soccer team to Austin and a modern supporters group for the Austin Aztex.


From 2008 to 2013, I created and help develop Collectivus, a social location game available as a small prototype. We had a few hundred physical rubber ducks, and thousands of virtual objects located all over the world — we call them "Thingies." These Thingies traveled from place to place, each recording a narrative of the places they've been and people they've encountered.


In 2001, I created CollectiveDetective.org. It was the first and largest (for its time) community for those interested in the growing trend of scavenger hunts, online puzzles, immersive entertainment, and viral advertainment.

TaxiCafe™ Media

In 1998, I decided I wanted to learn how to make web applications and opened up shop as a freelance web development studio called TaxiCafe Media.


Product Manager

I oversee product management for ContextHub, part of a startup project at ChaiOne. ContextHub is a platform for developing contextually-aware distributed applications.


Director of Product

In 2013, I helped Myxer develop their next-generation social radio and ringtone product.

Interactive One

Director of Social and Local Products

In 2011, I was recruited to develop new social, music, and email and event products for Interactive One.


Senior Product Manager and Evangelist / Marketing & Distribution; Senior Software Engineer

I spent 7 years at MapQuest, where I split my time in three major areas: Social/Community Engagement and Marketing, Product Development and Management, and working as part of the Business Development team on Distribution initiatives.

I joined MapQuest as a developer in 2004, where I worked on MapQuest.com and MapQuest APIs.


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